CMO Services

Why Rent CMO Services?

Qualified CMO services can boost demand for your solutions.

B2B demand gen teams have a ton on their plate these days, especially at smaller and mid-market companies. The struggle to keep up with the sales team’s needs for new prospect engagement while mastering new technology and delivering qualified prospects  is a steep slope, each and every day.

Harris CMO Partners provides marketing leadership on a fractional or part-time basis. Companies that don’t need, or can’t afford, a full-time CMO find our solution ideal.

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Customized CMO Services 

These projects are customized depending on the client’s challenges. Typical CMO engagements include some or all of the following:

Market Insight

  • Competitive landscape
  • Competitive products & substitutes
  • Competitor distribution
  • Competitor revenue
  • Revenue & forecast by industry segment
  • Segment revenue distribution
  • Vendors by segment
  • Forecasted trends

Demand Gen Infrastructure

  • Help select and onboard marketing automation
  • 12-month demand gen plan & budget by campaign, market segment and marketing channel
  • Demand gen strategy by segment
  • Segment & expand current email database
  • Create company pages for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and others
  • Set up social media distribution (e.g. Hootsuite)
  • Load website with conversion opportunities and landing pages
  • Create storyboards & scripts for videos, such as customer success stories
  • Create solution briefs for each market segment


Demand Gen Plan

  • Identify top 2-4 segments for focusing
  • Sales strategy by segment
  • Decision maker profiles
  • Competitive product comparisons
  • SWOT analysis
  • Activities calendar by campaign, channel
  • Budget by campaign, channel
  • Campaign designs & content
  • Results by campaign

Demand Gen Campaigns

  • Integrated campaigns for website, social, email & public relations
  • All campaign content including verbiage, images and conversions
  • Deploy campaigns and measure them
    • Social media, weekly
    • Email, monthly
    • Public relations, monthly

Investor Relations

  • Pitch decks
  • Media & analyst presentations
  • Outreach to analysts, financial press and industry press

Sales Support

  • Survey sales team for demand gen effectiveness and ideas
  • Integrate CRM platform with email & social media
  • Set up notifications for prospect engagement
  • Update and/or create sales materials
  • Create solution briefs for each market segment
  • Create online & offline sales presentations

Measurement & ROI

  • CAC (customer acquisition cost)
  • MOC (marketing originated customer)
  • M%-CAC (marketing percentage of CAC)
  • Time To Payback CAC
  • Website – Track trends for unique visitors, page ranking, conversions
  • Social media – Track trends for SR engagement vs. key competitor engagement
B2B demand gen is confusing at best. Let us help.

Ready to make sense of your demand gen program? Contact us.

Data Storage Company Turnaround

“Mike Harris did an excellent job in helping reposition our $100 million data storage division by marketing a new line of services to complement our hardware and media products. As a result, we were able to sell the division in less than 18 months to a group of private investors who recognized a fit with their portfolio.”

Gary Roth, President (retired), Anacomp Magnetics

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