Sales & Marketing Alignment

When sales and marketing are aligned, sales costs go down.


It’s simple.

Studies prove that when sales and marketing are aligned, sales costs go down.

Cas Walker fistfight

Sales and marketing debate lead quality in the good ol’ days.

More qualified leads are generated, leads are better nurtured and sales cycles are shortened.

Before technology, these two departments could have a Cold War relationship and a decent result still be had. Today they’re joined at the hip by technology so they must cooperate.

What We Do For Clients

  1. With your data we can define your marketing → sales → revenue value chain. We can help you find the numbers if they’re not readily available.
  2. Develop shared structures, systems and rewards.
  3. Conduct joint planning and training sessions on technology, content and processes.
  4. Feasibility studies for integrating sales and marketing departments.
  5. Create ROI models using your data that show how to better leverage sales and marketing investments.

Working Together

We start with structured interviews of key people including the CEO, the CMO and the CRO or their equivalents to determine the nature of the conflicts and the types of resolution that should be considered.

Once we have a baseline understanding and key people are in agreement we move to next steps:

  1. Diagraming and illustration of sales and marketing tasks.
  2. Practical illustration of where and how sales and marketing are currently intersecting (pricing, for example).
  3. Surveys and interviews with selected front line team members in both departments.
  4. Benchmarking of results against companies that have successfully aligned sales and marketing.
  5. Illustrating areas where better alignment will yield improved metrics and ROI.