Demand Gen Plans & Execution

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu 


Demand generation has emerged as a subset of B2B corporate marketing that can be traced directly to leads, conversions and revenue.

With a confusing array of tactics available, which will work in your market space?

Marketing technology is confusing.

What We Do For Clients

Well-executed demand generation has a lot of moving parts. We help with creating the right plan and ensuring smooth execution by:

  1. Reviewing your recent results and noting what’s worked.
  2. External research to discover your prospects’ content preferences.
  3. Creating a 12-month road map of tactics including channels, media, messages, target audiences, offers, budgets, forecasted responses and conversions.
  4. Helping your team establish better processes for smooth execution.
  5. Creating metrics that help you report results.

Working Together

Our work helps clients create everything needed for twelve months of smart campaigns and accurate execution.

  1. We map out high-level strategies for your review and discussion with team members.
  2. We create an initial three months of tactics for your review. These include every possible detail including monitoring and metrics.
  3. With your agreement we then create the remaining nine months, equipping you with a full twelve months of strategy, tactics and accurate execution.
  4. We can help with execution, if needed,  including tactics adjustment based on results.