Industry & Market Trends

What’s Happening In Your Market?


Sometimes a client just needs a clear, unbiased view of important trends in their marketplace. This is the critical foundation of creating effective, actionable strategy.

This project answers five critical questions for executives:

  1. What are the market trends in my industry?

    Lexus exhibit at Chicago Auto Show 2016

    What trends should you address? How much will it cost?

  2. What’s driving them?
  3. How well are my efforts addressing the trends?
  4. How are my competitors addressing the trends?
  5. Where and how can I change my efforts to increase sales and profits?

What We Do For Clients

This project is a detailed sweep of all information available about your market trends, both qualitative and quantitative. We look at:

  1. Product and/or service trends
  2. Demand by channel, market or geography
  3. Trends in purchase behavior, such as the buyer’s journey


We document and illustrate all the trends

Working Together

  1. We talk with you and your key people to see the trends through your eyes.
  2. We review your sources of information.
  3. We talk with your key people.
  4. We find all articles, papers, blogposts, reviews, conference presentations, social media posts and more that yield quantitative and qualitative information about trends in your industry. We summarize the critical information for you.