Job Descriptions & Accountability


“The future does not fit in the containers of the past.” Rishad Tobaccowala

WHY DO THIS?Old IBM computer with people

The ratio of art-to-science has flip-flopped in marketing, resulting in a new data-centric demand generation function.

What many companies still avoid, though, is the hard work of hiring and training people with these skill sets.

Today it is vital that B2B companies have a well-blended team with qualitative and technical skills all pointed toward sales and revenue generation.

What We Do For Clients

  1. Quick review of the client’s current sales/marketing strategy, tactics and use of technology, noting where the client would like to improve.
  2. Document, where needed, all current and open positions as defined by the client and the job holders.
  3. Illustrate gaps in the current jobs versus what the company needs.
  4. Create new job descriptions that support corporate marketing, product marketing, demand generation and sales support.
  5. Include in each job description a set of technical skills required and a list of sales and marketing applications that correspond to those skills.
  6. Create interview guides for quickly assessing candidates.

Working Together

We start by gathering facts and opinions from the CEO and the heads of HR, Sales and Marketing. Our objective is to get a quick understanding of how well current jobs are aligned with what’s needed now and for the future.

We then:

  1. Review current job descriptions, even if they’re not documented.
  2. Interview each job holder to compare their tasks versus the requirements in his/her job description, today and in the future.
  3. Create a process illustration that shows gaps in skillsets and capabilities.
  4. Draft job descriptions that encompass current and future needs, including technical requirements.
  5. Work with company executives and team members to ensure the practicality of the new job descriptions.