Creating A Digitally Savvy Team

“Marketing has become too important to be left just to the marketers.” – Arons, van den Driest and Weed

WHY DO THIS?Technology has vastly increased the number of marketing tasks.

With each passing year the tools and techniques of marketing  morph radically, resulting in missed opportunities to find, engage and convert prospects if teams don’t stay current.

Many B2B marketing organizations are transitioning from a traditional hierarchical model fueled by authority to a hub-and-spoke model fueled by cooperation and shared incentives.

They are organizing for agility.

What We Do For Clients

  1. Assessment of current skill sets and capabilities including data use, often across divisions and geographies.
  2. Assessment of technology resources, data savvy, uses and results.
  3. Create a data, analytics and technology vision for the organization including job descriptions. [Click here to read more]
  4. Create a realistic, scalable organization footprint that marries data, technology, people and processes.
  5. Determine current performance metrics for KPIs including:
    1. CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)
    2. M%-CAC (Marketing % of CAC)
    3. CAC Time To Payback
    4. MOC (Marketing Originated Customer)
    5. MIC (Marketing Influenced Customer)

Working Together

We start with structured interviews of key people including the CEO and the Chief Human Resources Officer to understand the performance goals for the organization, corporate culture and perceived challenges to higher performance.

Once we understand how the organization was developed we:

  1. Conduct both formal and informal discovery across the Sales, Marketing and IT value chain.
  2. Illustrate where silo and piecemeal implementation causes breakdowns in demand generation.
  3. Illustrate and review the organization’s current use of data, analytics, and software. Benchmark these against similar companies where possible.
  4. Create job descriptions that include analytics, digital engagement and digital content creation.
  5. Co-create, with company executives, a roadmap for a data-driven, digitally savvy organization  that supports your business strategy today and in the future.