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Today’s B2B marketing director must know about marketing technology. No less important is measuring marketing effectiveness. We believe these are two essential skills for today’s marketer.

Ask B2B marketing director candidates questions about their technology skillsets.

A Recent Experience

In helping a client interview candidates, it was most noteworthy that several needed better technology capabilities. My takeaway was threefold:

  1. The requirements for being a strong marketing director have grown considerably in the past 2-3 years.
  2. Therefore, hiring companies need to add more focus on marketing technology skill sets.
  3. Most of all, hiring companies can make strong choices by asking the right questions.

Telephone Screen for Marketing Director Candidates

Because telephone screens can save you time and help you pinpoint top candidates quickly, use them effectively. Here’s what I seek in the interview process:

  1. Can he/she do the job?
  2. Will he/she do the job?
  3. Will this person?fit in with my team?

Use? the telephone interview for the first two. Then do onsite interviews to discover culture fit, organization compatibility, ethics and more. Pay attention to how comfortable the candidate is with their answers.

A Guide To Help You

This following telephone screen interview guide is organized into three sections:

  • General marketing understanding
  • Marketing technology skillsets
  • Marketing measurement and ROI

In addition, you can create an easier recruiting and hiring experience by really thinking about the job description, including requirements for the future. Spend as much time as possible with the sales and marketing teams to truly understand the skillsets and capabilities needed by your organization…both today and tomorrow.

Click here to view and/or download marketing interview questions.

In conclusion, hiring a tech savvy marketing director can help your company shorten sales cycles and reduce customer acquisition costs. Since your CEO is keeping a sharp eye on sales cycles and costs, it pays to be at the top of your game when hiring a new marketing director.