2021 Marketing Trends – Great B2B Read!

2021 marketing trends to watch. Terrific insight from Hubspot on the road ahead for marketers in 2021. Many noticeable changes in the B2B landscape. Great reading for anyone in B2B marketing or sales.

Hubspot Article

Virtual Events

1. Marketers will plan asynchronous events that plug into the funnel.

Latané Conant, Chief Market Officer at 6sense, predicts: “This year saw an explosion of virtual events as marketers adapted to a changing world. While I suspect a lot of us are feeling some virtual burnout right now, there will still be a place for these kinds of events, even after we resume in-person ones. Imagine a virtual event running 24/7.”

“Your prospects get triggered into the event as they proceed to the right steps in your funnel, and they engage with this event through multiple means, like Netflix meets Slack. There’s video content they watch on-demand, there’s a live stream playing on-site and there’s a community of users and fans who create a unique and engaging place to be. Prospects learn about your solutions and then, after watching videos and chatting with others, they get directed immediately to your product team. Now that sounds like a virtual event worth attending!”

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ROI Calculator for B2B Marketers

ROI Calculator for B2B Marketers

Your B2B marketing ROI matters.

You are welcome to use our new marketing ROI calculator, customized especially for B2B marketers.

We looked at a lot of ROI calculators available on the web and found them inadequate. So we developed our own.

Our calculator is built in Google Sheets. Anyone can access and use it, no email required. We recommend that you download the calendar, study it a bit, and customize for your business and circumstances.

Pay attention to the built-in notes, indicated by red triangles in a few cells.

Click to view or download. Free, no email required.

Many thanks to Anders Hoff, head of UX at Springboard, for providing the foundation for this calculator.

The back story

Marketing ROI in B2B has evolved from a mostly ignorable nuisance to a must-have for today’s top performing marketers.

CEOs and CFOs are under more pressure than ever to show results and they’re transferring that pressure to you. Rightfully so.

Most? B2B calculators available seem to be configured for B2C e-commerce. This just doesn’t work for B2B with our lengthier sales cycles and difficult-to-find metrics for conversions.

An ongoing project

View this ROI calculator for B2B marketers as the start of your ongoing efforts to track ROI from various activities over time. You will need to customize the calendar for your purposes. For example, there are fields for deal closing probabilities that only you can enter. However, we’ve provided some back-of-the-envelope formulas to get you started.

Plan to own the calculator. Download it from Google Sheets and customize it. Share it with your colleagues, especially those in sales. Help them understand your objectives for measuring ROI and how it helps the company overall.

How to use

Our calculator is actually six calculators in one, plus an Overview of all your marketing ROIs:


  1. Email
  2. Events
  3. Advertising
  4. Social media
  5. Public relations
  6. A blank template

Pick one ROI calculator that seems like a good place to start. Customize it where you can and make a note of the fields for which you’ll need to find information. All of the ROI calculators contain probabalities of a deal close from various CTAs. Obviously someone scheduling a demo from your landing page is going to carry a much higher weight than someone just clicking on a content link.

The best way to use this is make a copy of the entire worksheet for each month. Then within that month make copies of individual spreadsheets for multiple campaigns in the same category.

Works best with a marketing automation platform

You’ll work a lot faster with a marketing automation platform. A good platform will deliver a lot of the data you’ll need for this spreadsheet.

However you can still find the right data with Google Analytics, your website platform and dozens of other tools that deliver campaign results.

ROI calendar for B2B marketers. Feel free to reach out.

If you need help feel free to contact us. Also, a good way to keep up with the tools we create and content we publish is to subscribe to our once-a-month email.

If you like our new ROI calculator for B2B marketers drop us a line and let us know.


About Mike Harris

Mike is the founder of Harris CMO Partners, a Nashville based firm offering on demand CMO services for SaaS and tech companies.

He enjoys writing about what's working in B2B sales and marketing.

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Need to do some B2B sales transformation?

I’ve carried a bag…sales transformation is not easy

As a B2B sales leader, you’re wise to avoid the trap of creating a terrific growth strategy without the sales transformation blueprint to drive it. There?s always new thinking, new tools and new messaging for you to consider and put into action.

As an interim CMO I often get called into client discussions about sales transformation. I’ve carried a bag and led sales teams, so I know that sales ‘transformation’ can be like pushing the proverbial boulder up a hill.?

But it’s relatively simple if you have a blueprint developed from an assessment.

Assessment of your current state begins with a gap analysis of these five areas:


  • strategy – what’s the new play?
  • messaging -? what messages will engage our prospects?
  • process – when a lead is identified, what’s our process for engagement and next steps?
  • leadership – what role will sales leaders play and how should they coach?
  • sales development – what training will the team need?

We can help you get this done in a couple of weeks. You’ll develop momentum and engagement with our assessment, critical factors in B2B sales transformation.

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