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B2B interim CMO 

Many B2B marketing problems are from guessing, not knowing.

A good interim CMO gives your company that pair of eyes that can see what you might  be overlooking.

I assess your market position quickly and craft actionable projects that take growth initiatives to the next level.

Always happy to chat about your marketing and growth plans.

B2B Interim CMO Services & Support

B2B marketing is my wheelhouse.

For many years I worked in California tech companies, leading marketing and helping the sales teams with everything they needed.

As  a former salesman, I always look at marketing with a view toward sales. I know that having sales and marketing working closely together produces top results.

I can work as an interim or fractional CMO. I also do projects, solving demand generation challenges throughout the sales and marketing value chain.

Most of my clients have been in tech and SaaS. I do everything you’d expect a polished CMO to do for B2B companies.

I've helped clients in:

SaaS | UCaaS | Enterprise Software | Healthtech | Data Storage & Networking | Claims Processing | Data Analytics | E-Commerce | Maritime Tech | Wireless Network Systems | Universities | Manufacturing | Agriculture | Construction

B2B Interim CMO Services

You may be between marketing leaders, or your company just needs some leadership and guidance in marketing.

My role is to bring continuance to marketing, and help elevate it.

Working with me, clients get:

  • deep expertise in B2B, tech and SaaS
  • excellent communicator, easy culture fit
  • analytical, able to sort through complexity quickly
  • 360° business acumen, especially sales
  • team coach, mentor
  • creativty that positions your solution uniquely

Fractional CMO Services

A full-time CMO may not be practical, depending on your budget and growth plans.

I offer agile, results-driven and cost-efficient solutions. a fractional CMO, I engineer market strategies, create workable marketing plans that differentiate your solutions, and direct your resources effectively.

My solutions can be tailored to whatever schedule you need.

Feel free to ask for work samples.

You carry the weight…

You are responsible for marketing and/or sales. And you need help.

Someone who knows your space and can take charge of marketing. Someone who also has sales experience and works well with the team.

Organization building, budgets, agencies, investor presentations, marketing that drives new revenues.

Today’s CMOs need these skillsets and capabilities, and more.

I understand your challenges.

A truly different market strategy

Your B2B market is dynamic. Prospects are a moving target and immune to outdated marketing.

Here’s our process for finding your strongest strategy:

  1. What are the trends in your market space?
  2. What’s driving them?
  3. How are you currently addressing the trends?
  4. What is your competition doing?
  5. What could you be doing to drive more growth and profitabilty?

B2B Marketing Mechanics

Messaging, campaigns, multiple step conversions. These are the heart of successful tech marketing today.

Part creative, part timing, part tools and technology. And more.

Harris CMO Partners can quickly focus your budget on what’s working, and help you avoid what’s not.

Everything we do for clients is with a view toward sales qualified leads and conversions.

Feel free to ask for samples of client work. Identities redacted.

CRM & marketing automation

Be smart about it…

Plenty of marcom and CRM stacks in 2023 need to be culled and simplified. You may be spending way too much, given the abundance of options.

Is there too much complexity and cost in your marcom and CRM stacks? I can do a deeper dive and help you update these.

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Location – Nashville, TN (U.S. Central Time)

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