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Why an interim or fractional CMO makes sense

  1. For example, your company may not want a full time $200K chief marketing officer.
  2. On the other hand, you may be in an organizational transition period.
  3. In addition, you may like the idea of swapping out CMOs every one or two years. As a result, you always have fresh thinking, fresh ideas, fresh execution. Without the contracts or severance package.

Harris CMO Partners offers a full range of interim and fractional CMO services.

Fractional CMO

  • Market insight & strategy
  • Marketing operations
  • Demand gen engineering
  • Sales support
  • Executive presence

The 2-Week-Peek

  • Market presence audit
  • Key metrics audit
  • Skillsets and capabilities audit
  • CRM and martech audit
  • and a whole lot more…

Market Insight

  • Revenue opportunities
  • Competitive threats/SWOT
  • Alignment with key trends
  • Market segmentation
  • Viable strategy options

Budgets & ROI

  • Responsible, accountable budgets
  • Performance metrics
  • Results by activity
  • Results by marketing channel
  • Lead scoring?


  • Skillsets and capabilities audits
  • Job descriptions
  • Candidate interviews & selection
  • KPIs and goal setting
  • Performance reviews


  • CMO, director, manager
  • Sales and marketing technology
  • Campaign building
  • Metrics & ROI


  • CAC, MOC, M%-CAC
  • Website and SEO metrics
  • Lead scoring
  • KPIs and goal setting
  • Benchmarking

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bill?

As an interim or fractional CMO we bill by the project, not by the hour. In this manner you know your investment from the outset.

Is your work guaranteed?


Our fractional CMO and interim CMO work is guaranteed. If you do not believe we have met the objectives we established together, as outlined in our letter of agreement, we will continue to work toward those goals with you for no additional fee or expense consideration until all objectives are met.

How soon can you start?

For CMO services we can usually start within 1-2 weeks of project approval.

Do you work on site or off site?

Both, depending on the size of your company. As your CMO services partner it’s important that we have a presence in your office, at least part time. We always visit your offices to get to know your team and give everyone a chance to get acquainted and aligned with the mission.

What else should I know?

Whether you hire us as a fractional or interim CMO we’re easy to work with and have all the resources of a fully equipped marketing department. Let’s chat and we can answer all your questions.

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