Getting it right…

The more we’re flooded with B2B content marketing, the more important it is to be great at it.

In theory it’s simple. B2B content must focus on saving time and money, or helping people do their jobs better.

In practice, it can be frustrating if you don’t have a roadmap that leads to prospect engagement.

Make it relevant. Make it engaging. Make it timely.


?Content that builds trust is human, personal, relevant, it isn?t greedy, and it doesn?t trick people.”

Seth Godin

How to create standout B2B content

The first step is to think of a topic for which you have an opinion or some expertise. The best content is a study or practice that touches on a hot button in your market space.

Just? jot down a few bullet points. Then go do something else. Most of the article will come to you spontaneously when you?re not thinking about it. Keep a note pad or app handy.

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Creating engaging content marketing…


You Should Write an e-Book

Ideas worth spreading spreading. Seth writes about Unleashing The Ideavirus.

Seth Godin

Best B2B Content: Analysis & Insights

The best topics for B2B content marketing, from an analysis of?52,892 articles.

Buzz Sumo

6 B2B Content Marketing Tactics

It’s important to take a step back and identify the techniques that actually matter.

Neil Patel


B2B Content Marketing Strategy

How will you know how to hone your message and reach your target without a blueprint?

Michael Bibla

Use This Simple Model For B2B Content Marketing

Spend 15-20 minutes at a time

The first step is to think of this as something that can be done in increments of 15-20 minutes. You don’t need to create an article or a video project brief all at once. Begin by creating a few bullet points. Most of your content will flow from that and the ideas will likely come when you’re doing something else.

What would you?to like read or view?

The second step is to think of a topic about which?you?would like to read. You know what material is most likely to attract your attention. Create something that relates to current trends in your market space.

5 bullet points

The next step is to go through this short exercise, jotting down a few bullet points. Save the full sentences for later.

  1. Background, usually a recent trend in your industry, vertical or market space around this topic.
  2. The challenge ? In B2B a challenge is almost always described in terms of time and money wasted.
  3. Your viewpoint?? Based on my experience, here’s what I’m seeing.
  4. What do you recommend??? It?s fine to highlight your company’s key advantages without mentioning the company or the product name.
  5. Conclusion?? End the article quickly so your readers can get back to what they were doing.

There?s no need to create these in any specific order. Just pick one with which you?re comfortable and get started.


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