B2B Market Strategy

Market strategy, the competition and your positioning

Do you have the capacity to assess your market landscape objectively and plan wisely?

Our framework

1. What are the trends in your industry?
2. What’s driving them?
3. How are your competitors addressing the trends?
4. How are you addressing them?
5. What should you be doing instead?

Big Picture

What are the trends?

Is your market growing or shrinking?
What are your competitors up to?
How will social and business trends affect your prospects?

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What’s driving them?

If you can visualize the trends 2-3 years out, you’re on top of the game.

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How are your competitors addressing the trends?

Your competition is working hard to position your offering below theirs. However, every one of your competitors has a blind spot and it’s your job to find it and exploit it.

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How are you addressing the trends?

New products, entering new markets, new buyers, working remotely, sales and marketing technology are critical to your ability to compete. 

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How should you be addressing the trends?

It’s complex and costly to address every single new trend in the marketplace. How do you prioritize to your best strategic advantage? Sometimes an outside set of eyes can spot new, addressable advantages faster and more clearly.

We help with…

  • Market insight
  • Market positioning
  • Competitive strategy
  • Identifying and launching new growth initiatives
  • Gaining buy-in from sales

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