B2B Marketing

Effective B2B marketing

Is your marketing delivering what the sales team needs?

It takes time for buyers to...

  • understand your product & your company
  • understand the pain points you solve
  • see those pain points inside their business
  • get their colleagues on board
  • convert and buy

B2B marketing

Marketing plans

Is your company consistently delivering conversion-based marketing often and on time?

B2B buyers want to get 70% of their information about your solution from the web before they’ll ever agree to a sales call.

Websites, SEO, social media, videos, paid search, media channels, enticing content and more. It’s a complex mix that must deliver a good story.

B2B marketing

Data driven marketing

Lead generation. Customer acquisition. Cross-sell programs.

To be successful your marketers must live and breathe traffic, leads, funnel management, drip marketing, SEO, SEM, LTV and CAC. All of these are data driven today.

Measure success with pipeline, revenue and LTV/CAC goals.

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B2B marketing

Market segmentation

The more you can tailor your messaging to specific groups of prospects the more you’ll sell.

B2B buyers can be grouped into lots of different buckets.

  • Big company, small company
  • Current solution or no solution
  • IT systems
  • Organizational structure
  • Market reach

The list is long. Which segments are your best targets?

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B2B marketing

Product/market fit

If your solution answers a question nobody is asking, it doesn’t matter how much you invest in sales and marketing.

Smart companies invest time and effort up front to understand product/market fit, before they invest in product development.

Product/market fit helps you understand potential demand for your solution and what you’ll face from competitors.

B2B marketing

The conversion journey

As consumers we are exposed to well-thought-out conversions all the time. But what about B2B buyers? They’ll hardly respond to ‘limited offer…buy now!’.

You can move a prospect well into the funnel with conversions that help them understand more about their problem and how to solve it.

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