The 2-Week-Peek™

Prospecting & Marketing Audit for Tech & SaaS Companies

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✔︎ Improve sales prospecting outcomes

✔︎ Increase odds for 2023 EOY results

✔︎ Know how you’ll get there

✔︎ Custom roadmap for always improving

✔︎ Typical cost is $10-15K

The 2 Week Peek

What outcomes are you getting?

SQLs | Quarterly Revenue Growth | Organic Traffic | Conversions | Cost Per Lead | Social Media Engagement | Marketing ROI

Why the 2-Week-Peek?

  • Questionable prospecting and marketing results

  • Unreliable sales pipe

  • Market reach and penetration stalled

  • Volume and quality of leads has slowed

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Marketing audit 2-week journey

  • Chart current and past results

  • Review performance metrics (we can discover)

  • Marketing’s impact on sales numbers

  • Find gaps in skillsets, tools, activities

  • Detailed map of improvements in campaigns, timing, conversions and more

Prospecting & Marketing Audit Outcomes

  • Improved odds for hitting 2023 revenue targets

  • Know exactly how you will get there

  • Know what to expect and improve forecasting

  • Know how to meaure, adjust and continue improving throughout 2023

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How can you get faster, better conversions from prospects?

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Sales Qualified Leads

Is your marketing generating enough SQLs to fill the pipe?

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Return on Investment

Do you know the ROI on marketing spend?

The CMO Survey – September 2022

Use a marketing audit to make every prospecting and marketing dollar count!


Marketing’s Top Priorities in 2023

In marketing across all industries, The 2023 CMO Survey shows top priorities for marketing departments.

Source: The CMO Survey – March 2023

  • Brand 94.1% 94.1%
  • Advertising 92% 92%
  • Digital marketing 91% 91%
  • Social media 81% 81%
  • Promotion 78% 78%
  • Marketing analyics 77% 77%
  • Positioning 77% 77%
  • Marketing research 74% 74%
  • Public relations 71% 71%
  • Lead generations 63% 63%
  • Freemium trials 9% 9%
  • Other 5% 5%


What are the top B2B spending priorities?

Marketing budgets and priorities have changed a lot since 2022. Economic headwinds have buffeted B2Bs.

Source: Integrate 2023 State of B2B Marketing Budgets

Areas targeted for more spending.

  • Marketing ops/technology 44% 44%
  • Customer marketing, cross sell, up sell 39% 39%
  • Product marketing/strategy 37% 37%
  • Sales enablement 37% 37%

Areas targeted for less spending.

  • Field or event marketing 20% 20%
  • Content creation/strategy 18% 18%
  • Product marketing/strategy 18% 18%
  • Communications 18% 18%

Prospecting & Marketing Audits

✔︎ Audits have a specific function.

✔︎ Accounting and financial audits are well known, and used regularly.

✔︎ Growth companies also use sales and marketing audits at least annually.

✔︎ Our prospecting and marketing audits are always with a view toward sales.

✔︎ Prospecting and marketing audits help guide internal teams and inform investors and boards.

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