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Our clients love how much they learn from our marketing consulting services. We teach as we go, and enjoy helping our clients grow.

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We are in the health tech industry. Mike’s company helped us establish a firm marketing foundation in a complex marketplace. This new advantage helped grow our sales funnel and position us to be acquired by a strategic partner.

James F. Baxter

CEO, Medarchon

DataFrameworks is a Silicon Valley data storage company. Harris CMO Partners helped us get established with strategic partners by delivering solid B2B partner marketing. We were acquired by DellEMC.
Marianne Zuhorski

VP Sales, DataFrameworks/DellEMC

Sample Clients

HR Software

Givful was a growth SaaS company focused on employee engagement. Givful CEO Patricia Glaser Shea hired us to create market strategy and lead the marketing team.

During our engagement Givful netted more than 20,000 users.

Shortly after our engagement ended, Givful achieved a successful exit through acquisition by iSolved, an HR tech company based in Charlotte, NC.

Healthcare Payments Platform

ClearBalance’s platform enables healthcare providers to offer patients an affordable, convenient way to pay their medical costs.

ClearBalance CEO Mitch Patridge engaged us to lead demand generation efforts when the company had no CMO.

Our work helped ClearBalance achieve a strong growth trajectory and enabled creation of an executive marketing funtion and team.

Enterprise Data Management

European data management software company Atempo hired us to lead market expansion into the United States.

Serving as interim CMO, we created market strategy plans and designed marketing operations. Following the planning stage, Atempo retained us to lead marketing deployment.

We also created marketing support for Atempo’s partnership program with key industry players including Quantum.

Unstructured Data Management

DataFrameworks was a Silicon Valley company offering a unique data file management solution that solved the growing challenge of unstructured data.

DataFrameworks CEO Will Hall and VP Partnerships Marianne Zuhorski hired us to support partner outreach efforts to key industry players including Quantum, DellEMC, Hitachi and others.

In a successful exit, DataFrameworks was acquired by DellEMC and renamed DataIQ.

SaaS Collaboration

RedCloud is a young SaaS communications company founded by communications industry veteran Bo Summers.

Mr. Summers hired us to help him think through market strategy, marketing operations and all related support.

Our help with strategy, marketing and support helped RedCloud achieve the desired market position and visibility.

Claims Management Software

Mitchell is a 75 years old claims management company operating in the Property & Collision insurance space.

We were hired at a time when Mitchell had no CMO and was developing new solutions to offer a rapidly expanding market.

Our work helped Mitchell to organize its marketing team, hire new talent, and create effective marketing for a range of software solutions.


Healthcare Collaboration

Medarchon is a Nashville, TN based medtech company with a healthcare collaboration platform for providers and patients.

Medarchon CEO Butch Baxter hired us to create a disciplined marketing function, messaging, content, client acquisition campaigns and other demand generation.

Our work helped Medarchon establish a footprint with more than 2,500 hospitals and also helped lead to a successful exit through acquisition by XSOLIS, a healthcare transformation company.

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