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Fractional CMO

Do you really need a full-time Chief Marketing Officer?

I build competitive market strategies, create practical marketing plans and deploy your budget with a keen eye.

With my marketing strategy consulting services you get:

✔︎ Deep C-Suite experience

✔︎ Deep network of vetted marketing service providers

✔︎ Guaranteed work and freedom from long-term contracts


Get Marketing Done!

Imagine having…

  • a well-differentiated, competitive market strategy
  • a marketing “farm” that continually refreshes your CRM with in-market prospects
  • a consistent campaign system and website that showcases your solutions better than the competition
  • metrics and reporting on what’s working, so you can continously improve

And much more…


chief marketing officer services and support

Marketing Strategy and Operations Consulting Services

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Fine Tuned for Tech & SaaS

I have worked at companies ranging from $10 million to $30 billion in revenue.

Most of them have been tech or SaaS companies.

As a provider of marketing strategy consulting services, my clients include:

SaaS | UCaaS | Enterprise Software | Healthtech | Data Storage & Networking | Claims Processing | Data Analytics | E-Commerce | Maritime Tech | Wireless Network Systems | Universities | Manufacturing | Agriculture | Construction

Prospecting & Marketing Audit

Messaging, campaigns, multiple step conversions. These drive successful buyer journeys today.

Part creative, part timing, part tools and technology. And more.

I help you quickly focus your budget on what’s working, and avoid what’s not.

Having carried P&L responsibility globally, my view is always toward sales qualified leads and conversions.

Feel free to ask for samples of client work. Identities redacted.

Sales & Marketing Technology

My client work often includes evaluating a client’s sales and marketing technology, and recommending better approaches.

Many marcom and CRM stacks today need to be culled and simplified.

Some clients have had multiple CMOs and CROs, each adding software and other tools to their stacks.

Their stacks have reached the point of diminishing returns, and they don’t know it.

Is there too much complexity and cost in your marcom and CRM stacks?

Graphic image of a complex marketing technology stack.


Marketing’s Top Priorities in 2023

In marketing across all industries, The 2023 CMO Survey shows top priorities for marketing departments.

Source: The CMO Survey – March 2023

  • Brand 94.1% 94.1%
  • Advertising 92% 92%
  • Digital marketing 91% 91%
  • Social media 81% 81%
  • Promotion 78% 78%
  • Marketing analyics 77% 77%
  • Positioning 77% 77%
  • Marketing research 74% 74%
  • Public relations 71% 71%
  • Lead generations 63% 63%
  • Freemium trials 9% 9%
  • Other 5% 5%


What are the top B2B spending priorities?

Marketing budgets and priorities have changed a lot since 2022. Economic headwinds have buffeted B2Bs.

Source: Integrate 2023 State of B2B Marketing Budgets

Areas targeted for more spending.

  • Marketing ops/technology 44% 44%
  • Customer marketing, cross sell, up sell 39% 39%
  • Product marketing/strategy 37% 37%
  • Sales enablement 37% 37%

Areas targeted for less spending.

  • Field or event marketing 20% 20%
  • Content creation/strategy 18% 18%
  • Product marketing/strategy 18% 18%
  • Communications 18% 18%

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