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What is the Cognitive Assessment?
The PI Cognitive Assessment is a 12-minute timed assessment that helps target the right cognitive fit for a job. It provides insight into a person’s capacity to learn, adapt and grasp new concepts.

What does the Cognitive Assessment score measure?
The PI Cognitive Assessment measures general cognitive ability. The Cognitive Assessment does not measure IQ or previously acquired knowledge (e.g., job-specific knowledge), skills or willingness to make an effort to learn new things but indicates how fast an individual can be expected to acquire new knowledge.

What is “g”?
“g” refers to general cognitive ability. It is the ability to understand, adapt, learn and problem-solve; “g” is considered to be the best single predictor of job performance. The PI Cognitive Assessment score is a valid measurement of “g”.

Is the Cognitive Assessment the same thing as an IQ test?
Intelligence (measured with an IQ test) and “g” are closely related, but they are not the same thing. Valid IQ tests are longer and more in-depth than the PI Cognitive Assessment, which is a 12-minute timed assessment. It is best to think of “g” as the ability to learn and deal with complexity, as opposed to IQ, which is a more complete measure of a person’s intelligence as compared to the broader population.

How does the Cognitive Assessment work?
The Cognitive Assessment is designed to provide a range of questions grouped into three broad categories (Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning) to create a representative domain of content to measure cognitive ability. Similar to the Behavioral Assessment, you can customize the email sent to a candidate and then use the  candidate’s results to compare against a job target.

Why does the Cognitive Assessment have a 12-minute time limit?
Speed is a very important element of general cognitive ability. Without the timed element, it becomes much easier to answer the questions correctly, and the test would no longer measure someone’s ability to learn quickly. In addition, it has been shown that scores between timed and untimed assessments are not comparable.

What is the extended time Cognitive Assessment?
Extended time Cognitive Assessments are for respondents who can receive reasonable accommodations, in accordance with your company’s policies and legal requirements.

How long does the extended time Cognitive Assessment take?
There are two options for a time limit for the extended time Cognitive Assessment,18 or 24 minutes. These times allow for time-and-a-half or double the original Cognitive Assessment time.

Which time limit should I choose for the extended time Cognitive Assessment?
In the United States, the time limit should be specified by a medical professional for a respondent. This will often be time-and-a-half or double the original time. Outside of the United States, a medical professional or respondent may specify the time needed.

Who should be sent the Cognitive Assessment?
Your company should determine its own policy around use and administration. The Cognitive Assessment is meant for candidates or existing employees applying for a new position. Cognitive Assessments may not be needed if the job has a low cognitive demand.

Should Cognitive Assessment scores be shared?
Cognitive ability scores can be very sensitive. We recommend keeping actual cognitive scores confidential, even among internal stakeholders. We further recommend that authorized administrators communicate results based only on candidates’ fit to the job or ranking compared to other candidates (e.g., “they are a moderate fit to the job” or “they are better for the position than most candidates we have seen”), rather than disclosing candidates’ raw scores. Internal use for decisions other than hiring is not a valid use of the assessment (unlike the PI Behavioral Assessment, which is for hiring AND employee development) and invites interpretations and comparisons that we can’t support as valid or appropriate. What matters most is a score relative to target scores for hiring purposes. The Predictive Index has even made such comparisons easy with the addition of match scores to the PI software. In addition, confidentiality issues arise when the score is used internally, because PI Cognitive Assessment scores are personal information (just as one wouldn’t share annual reviews, etc.). Additional information regarding scores can be found in the Administrator’s Guide to the PI Cognitive Assessment.

Should I use the Cognitive Assessment to make hiring decisions?
The cognitive score should be used in combination with other relevant data such as behavioral fit experience, education, etc. The Cognitive Assessment score is not intended as the sole determining factor in the hiring process.

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