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What is the Job Assessment?
The Job Assessment allows you to define the behavioral and cognitive requirements for a job to help target the right candidates for each position within your organization.

What is a Job Report?
The Job Report provides a brief overview of the results of the Job Pattern. The overview includes a summary and job characteristics.

How often should I do a Job Assessment?
A Job Assessment is recommended for new jobs or when you are hiring for an open job.

Can we all just get together and do all our Job Assessments at once?
We recommend that each stakeholder complete the Job Assessment on their own and then get together with the other stakeholders to have a conversation about the combined results. The reasons we suggest this are to allow each person time to think through their answers, to get an unbiased view of what each stakeholder believes are requirements for the job, and to prevent results from being swayed by a stakeholder that may be more vocal or dominant in opinion than others. Understanding why each stakeholder chose certain requirements can have a great impact on how the final Job Pattern will look.

Why do I need to create a Position first?
It is required that you create a Position in the software so that the Job Assessment results can be linked to a specific job.

Does the Job Pattern get created automatically after everyone’s assessments are in?
No, the Job Pattern is not created automatically. Once the Job Assessments are completed, the stakeholders should meet to discuss where there are similarities and differences among the assessment results and decide what the final Job Pattern should be. The Job Pattern discussion is a critical conversation between stakeholders to ensure that everyone is aligned on the expectations of the job. The discussion allows stakeholders to align on the job description, the Key Performance Indicators and the behavioral requirements of the job.

What is the difference between a Job Assessment and a Job Pattern?
A Job Assessment is an assessment sent to key stakeholders to help determine the behavioral requirements of a job. Once the Job Assessments are completed by key stakeholders, the stakeholders should meet and discuss the results to finalize the behavioral requirements of a job and create the finalized Job Pattern.

How many Job Assessments should I send out?
We recommend sending the PI Job Assessment to three to five key stakeholders of the job. Key stakeholders would be those who are top performers in the job or who would work frequently with someone in the job, such as a top sales person, a marketing manager or leader.

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