Demand Generation Metrics and Analytics

Business-to-business marketing conversations have shifted noticeably toward demand generation metrics. Activities that lead to sales conversations and revenue are important and can be measured. For the small to mid-size B2B this is often a new undertaking.

Demand generation metrics help quantify success at various stages of the process.

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Not the Same As Corporate Marketing

Demand generation is different from corporate marketing. It consists mainly of inbound and outbound campaigns which lead to conversions and sales conversations. With engaging content that encourages audiences to say “tell me more”, campaigns also include a next step such as clicking on an article, filling out a form or registering for an event. Demand generation metrics are available for email (#1 lead generator), social media, SEO, paid search, display ads and more.

Corporate marketing includes brand building, print advertising, public relations and other activities. Their impact is important however results are more difficult to measure when it comes to conversions and sales conversations.

Demand Generation Metrics

Campaigns and tactics can be adjusted to yield better results when measured. A marketing automation platform is the fastest way to do this. Hundreds are on the market today and there are MAPs available for every size of B2B company. MAPs can personalize emails, segment databases, automate lead nurturing and track sales all through the funnel. Plus they can give you reliable metrics so you can plan and adjust going forward.

Many B2B marketing leaders report difficulty in measuring overall results. We believe it’s due to an overall lack of time and resources, not for a lack of numbers. Focus on small victories before moving to more difficult measurements like calculating content ROI. Since email is the number one lead generator, start there. Check out Hubspot’s blog post for more details.

Marketo is the world’s leading enterprise marketing automation platform. Their Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics is important to understand, even if you’re not using a MAP today. Use them as a guide to metrics that help you plan for future campaigns.

This paper is good reading for any B2B marketer, regardless of company size. It’s a bit lengthy so read it in chunks you can digest.

Click here to view and/or download Marketo’s Definitive Guide To Marketing Metrics.