The 2-Week-Peek™

Prospecting & Marketing Audit for SaaS Companies

The 2 Week Peek

What is the state of your SaaS marketing?

Strengths. Weaknesses.

Costs. Results.


In two weeks discover weak/broken links in your SaaS marketing and get a practical, systematic roadmap for fixing.

Why do this?

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What do you audit?

What are the outcomes?

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Campaigns Blueprint

We will examine your campaigns and create a new blueprint for campaigns going forward.

Digital Marketing

At least 80% of your prospect’s solution reconnaissance is done online. How do you stack up?

Sales presentation best practices. Find a friendly face.


Is your marketing generating enough SQLs to keep the sales team busy?

Marketing technology frustration

Target Marketing

Market segmentation, ideal customer profiles and customized messaging are key to breaking through the B2B marketing clutter.

Skillsets & Capabilities

We will identify where you can improve internally and with outsourced resouces like agencies. And we’ll estimate the costs.

Budget & Metrics

What’s the return on your marketing investment? We’ll calculate your CAC, M%CAC, MOP, ROI, and others.

The CMO Survey – September 2022

In a decelerating economy, make every marketing dollar ring with precision.


B2B Marketing Budgets by Industry

Marketing investment varies greatly by industry. On average this is how industry sectors spend:

> Manufacturing companies devote about 9% of their overall budget to marketing, which is about 5.7% of revenue.

> Technology/software companies devote 9.3% of the overall budget to marketing, which is about 10.7% of revenue.

Marketing budgets increased in 2022

But, overall, they still lag pre-pandemic budgeting levels by 1.5% according to Gartner.

And now we see the global economy decelerating noticeably.

CEOs in tech and SaaS should be directing heads of marketing to clear out the fluff. We all need to be clearly focused on activities and tactics which truly drive sales. 

Your best next step

We recommend taking a good hard look at what brought in business last year. Look closely at the touchpoints that influenced the engagement and buyers journeys of your top deals in 2021.


  • Make a list of the top 10 activities that brought in leads over the past year.
  • Identify every customer you currently have and what brought them in.
  • Take the top 2-3 sources/influence points and concentrate your efforts around them.


What are the top spending priorities?

B2B companies continue to shift spending toward digital marketing and away from traditional. B2Bs on average will spend 50%+ on digital efforts in 2021.

  • Growing SEO/organic presence 61% 61%
  • Blog/content creation 55% 55%
  • Marketing automation 50% 50%
  • Content distribution/amplification 47% 47%
  • Interactive content creation 36% 36%
  • Longform (ebooks, whitepapers) 35% 35%
  • Visual content creation (infographics) 30% 30%
  • Online tools 28% 28%
  • Product how-to videos 26% 26%
  • Webinars 24% 24%
  • Freemium trials 9% 9%
  • Other 5% 5%

Key metrics for the CEO

Marketing department metrics are different from CEO metrics.

B2B marketers typically look forward. Their important metrics include marketing touches, click-throughs and conversions. As a rule, however, CEOs don’t care about these.

CEOs typically look backward because they are accountable to investors and others for reporting financial results. Their metrics are almost always financial and historical.

You need to know both types of metrics. The better sales and marketing automation platforms help with this a great deal.

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