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There is no charge or fee for The Deliberate CMO with Mike Harris.

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The Deliberate CMO with Mike Harris is for CMOs, present and future. Forum well suited for tech/B2B marketers and salesfolk in the trenches.


If we choose your challenge for a case study your identity and company remain anonymous.

Case Studies

Today’s Challenges

We take an in-depth look at challenges submitted by the audience.


Expert            Advice

I will offer recommendations for fixes, along with other qualified SMEs.

Grow Together

Group        Dialogue

The more answers, the better. This forum is open for group dialogue.



Your Market Space

Learn how to intrepret your competitors and their moves.


Clashes & Conflicts

Have people issues ever been more front-and-center in our workplaces?


Your Stack Working?

Many sales and marketing stacks are outdated. Let’s look at yours.


Messaging & Creativity

Sourcing ideas, execution, managing agencies and other 3rd parties.


The Deliberate CMO with Mike Harris is scheduled is for every other week. We’ll be delighted to increase frequency if there’s enough demand.

Free podcasts and writeups are available on demand, as long as we have your email.


Sept. 22

Tech Market Strategy

your industry, your competition


Oct. 6

People Issues

your boss, your colleagues, your work & career


Oct. 20


claiming your space, standing out


Can my case be anonymous?

Absolutely. No one will know your identity, or your company’s.

Why is there no charge or fee?

There’s too much of that in the business world today, often for unusable advice. If you don’t learn anything here, you’ll still have your cash.

What is Mike's background?

Respected west coast tech exec for many years. CMO, sales, business development, investor relations (publicly traded), more.  Full time at PwC, Fortune 500 and mid-size companies. Operating experience, including direct reports, in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Full bio here.

Who can submit a challenge for case study?

Anyone grappling with a specific tech sales or marketing challenge. Will consider non-tech B2B.

Who are the guest experts?

Tech sales and marketing leaders with significant operating experience. Today, some are consultants like Mike. We stay current and can offer workable solution recommendations for most every challenge.

Will there be on-demand access?

Yes, as long as we have an email for you. We will create a write-up and a podcast for all case studies done in this forum.


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the deliberate cmo

no fee or charge

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