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B2B Marketology, July 2017

July 2017 issue of B2B Marketology from Harris CMO Partners. Marketing automation and a simple guide for creating B2B content, tech company example included.

B2B Content? Try This Fast, Simple Technique

Creating B2B content for tech and manufacturing companies is relatively simple. Try this easy model for your next article. Great tech company example included.

B2B Marketology, June 2017

Isn’t B2B marketing like Glengarry Glen Ross? Technology, sales methods and purchasing behavior have done a student body right in the last 10 years leaving a ton of B2B sales and marketing professionals scratching their heads.

2017 Content Marketing Report

Best content marketing benchmarking report so far in 2017! Lots of data on who’s doing what plus the results they’re getting. From #ContentMarketingInstitute, #MarketingProfs and #Brightcove.

B2B Marketology, May 2017

Great demand gen articles for B2B marketing professionals. Keep up with the...

The new users of blue ocean strategy…some successful, some not

The new users of blue ocean strategy are disrupting industries…some successful, some not.