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B2B Chief Marketing Officer services and support

B2B Chief Marketing Officer services and support, on demand. Most of our clients are in SaaS. We do everything you’d expect a polished CMO to do for tech companies. Interim, fractional and project work.

Do you really think the problem is sales?

Customers, not markets, buy your products, so it’s critical that you provide the right offers at the right price and time through the most effective channels.

We help you develop and execute an effective and pragmatic B2B market strategy that’s rooted in a deep understanding of your customers.

We combine deep functional expertise in B2B sales, marketing, pricing and product management with a rich collection of tools and benchmarks, and we address the key organizational issues (including salesforce mobilization and change management) essential to making sure you achieve and sustain great results.

The 2-Week-Peek

You’re a tech company CEO or head of sales, and you’re frustrated with marketing.

In your heart you know you should be getting a better return from your marketing spend.

Or sales and marketing just aren’t working together to produce measureable revenue results.

Our 2-Week-Peek for tech companies is a thorough, objective investigation into what’s going on.

We’ll detail critical points of failure and create a solid roadmap (tech, capabilities, skillsets, much more) to get things on track…fast.

We've helped clients in:

SaaS | UCaaS | Enterprise Software | Healthtech | Data Storage & Networking | Claims Processing | Data Analytics | E-Commerce | Maritime Tech | Wireless Network Systems | Universities | Manufacturing | Agriculture | Construction

Big Picture


Expanding routes to market, expanding into new verticals, expanding into new geographies, expanding market reach in existing geographies, expanding inside key accounts, brand investment for future cash flow, people planning


Market connection

Marketing plans, marketing channels, market segmentation, buyer personas, messaging, content, story, conversion journeys

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Marketing operations

Alignment with sales, predictive hiring, upgrading skillsets and capabilities, CRM and marketing automation, making sense of data, collaborative platforms, digital sales playbooks, workflows, metrics, collaboration platforms

Our Approach

You may not see your issue …but we do.

Our experience, skillsets and capabilities evolved over many years in B2B sales and marketing. And we’re diligent about staying current.

We assess quickly and give you fast, direct recommendations that move your growth initiatives to the next level.

We can also help you execute successfully.


What clients say

DataFrameworks is a Silicon Valley data storage company. Harris CMO Partners helped us get established with strategic partners by delivering solid B2B partner marketing. We were acquired by DellEMC.
Marianne Zuhorski

VP Sales, DataFrameworks/DellEMC

We are in the health tech industry. Mike’s company helped us establish a firm marketing foundation in a complex marketplace. This new advantage helped grow our sales funnel and position us to be acquired by a strategic partner.

James F. Baxter

CEO, Medarchon

Mike Harris interviewed on Nashville Business Radio, comparing the tech scene in Nashville to that on the west coast and Silicon Valley.

B2B Chief Marketing Officer Services and Support

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B2B Chief Marketing Officer Services & Support - FAQs

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes. Once we begin working for you our pay depends on your satisfaction with the progress to date.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our clients are mostly tech and manufacturing companies with annual revenues of $10-500 million. We always work directly with the CEO, business unit leader or head of sales or marketing.

What is your turnaround time?

Fast. We employ experts in many time zones so we can continue working while you sleep. Project timing is stated in our letter of agreement.

How do you invoice?

We invoice you for a reasonable retainer to begin the project. After that we invoice in arrears depending on your satisfaction with the work.

What is your experience?

All of us are experienced CMOs and/or CROs. We have led sales and marketing at private and public companies listed on the NASDAQ:NM, NYSE and others.

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