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CMO Services & Projects

  • Team builder and coach
  • Positioning and branding
  • Marketing automation and CRM
  • Demand gen campaigns

Market Strategy

  • Go-to-market
  • Market expansion
  • Market reach and penetration
  • Competitive analysis
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Marketing Audits

The 2-Week-Peek is an analytic trek through your prospecting and marketing value chain.

  • getting questionable results?
  • sales pipe not reliable?
  • market reach and penetration stalled?
  • volume and quantity of SQLs slowed?

Talent Management

Putting the right team in place.

  • technical marketing skills
  • technology skills
  • communicating with people
  • work ethic
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Marketing Coach

 Individuals or Teams

  • thinking strategically
  • growing technical marketing skills
  • applying technology effectively
  • building leadership skills and confidence

Executive Branding

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself or your company.

  • give people reasons to connect
  • showcase domain expertise
  • focused content linked to outcomes
  • grow awareness and market reach
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Big Picture

Marketing Plan Pivots

If pivoting is critical to sports, isn’t it critical to your business?

Routes to market, new verticals, new territories, market reach, key accounts, product launches.

Altogether, a good on-demand B2B marketing chief can help you visualize pivots, and make sure they work.


Marketing Operations

Typically, it takes a sleeves-rolled-up B2B chief marketing officer to upgrade marketing components and optimize marketing spend.

Marketing plans, marketing channels, market segmentation, buyer personas, messaging, content, story, conversion journeys, people planning.

It’s all about mapping your budget to what’s working in 2023.

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African American man doing sports training.

Smart Moves

Growing & Scaling

The ROI of a strong B2B chief marketing officer who already knows what’s working (and what’s not) can be eye-popping.

People, automations, data mining, platforms, playbooks, workflows, metrics. There’s a lot of levers and pulleys.

Why not use someone who already knows?

Blog & Podcasts

Podcasts spark ad hoc thinking, which often

leads to amazing creativity for the listener.

Something in a person’s tone, inflection and

word choice will resonate with others.

Podcasting gives us freedom to speak and sound just like who we are.

In a world that insists on authenticity, that’s money.


1-Minute Audio Clips

Icon of man going up stairs with dollar sign beneath.  how tech wealth is created


   failure is nothing

Icon showing circle rotating around sales prospect. 

 the tech community

Marketing audit simple chart.  

 thinking strategically

What clients say

DataFrameworks is a Silicon Valley data storage company. Harris CMO Partners helped us get established with strategic partners by delivering solid B2B partner marketing. We were acquired by DellEMC.
Marianne Zuhorski

VP Sales, DataFrameworks/DellEMC

We are in the health tech industry. Mike’s company helped us establish a firm marketing foundation in a complex marketplace. This new advantage helped grow our sales funnel and position us to be acquired by a strategic partner.

James F. Baxter

CEO, Medarchon

Some clients…

Logo DataFrameworks
McMurdo Group logo

Learn & Grow Podcasts

Podcast 🎙 SaaS Marketing Mastery

Navigate a market downturn with this 5-step framework.

To create a winning product you have to know the ins and outs of the market.

If you want more ideas on market evaluations and marketing, check out my full interview with Mike on episode 143 of the Business Growth Accelerator Show!

Podcast 🎙 Nashville vs. Silicon Valley

🎙What You Will Learn in This Podcast

✔︎ The Nashville tech community vs. Silicon Valley tech community
✔︎ The changing nature of sales and marketing
✔︎ The emergence of the global platform economy

Podcast 🎙 SaaS Marketing Mastery

Welcome to the first episode of Saas Marketing Mastery. In this introductory episode, guest host Miles Veth introduces the show’s host Mike Harris who is the Founder and Consulting Principal at Harris CMO Partners. In this podcast, Mike will divulge more about his career and what it takes to market within the Saas landscape.

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