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Podcast 🎙 Nashville vs. Silicon Valley

🎙What You Will Learn in This Podcast

✔︎ A realistic comparison of the Nashville vs. Silicon Valley tech scenes
✔︎ The changing nature of sales and marketing
✔︎ The emergence of the global platform economy

Podcast 🎙 SaaS Marketing Mastery

Welcome to the first episode of Saas Marketing Mastery. In this introductory episode, guest host Miles Veth introduces the show’s host Mike Harris who is the Founder and Consulting Principal at Harris CMO Partners. In this podcast, Mike will divulge more about his career and what it takes to market within the Saas landscape.

Podcast 🎙 Tech & SaaS Markting in a Downturn

🎙What You Will Learn in This Podcast

✔︎ A 5-point framework for thinking about the market
✔︎ Why MQLs don’t matter to the sales pipe
✔︎ Example of strategic market thinking, tech & SaaS

Harris CMO Partners Sitemap

Why a sitemap? For the purposes of this article, we will focus on Sitemap Protocol 0.9 introduced by SiteMaps.org which is a standard, validated and used by Google and most other search engines. A Sitemap allows you to create a file hosted among the other files in...

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