B2B Chief Marketing Officer and Teams

Your people will make or break you…

In 2022, employee turnover has become a challenge for many of us.

Building an impressive B2B marketing team takes thought and effort, with special attention to both creative and technical skills.

Any B2B chief marketing officer must arrive at the table with a unique blend of creativity and technology skills. We must be adept with sales and marketing technology, and have a good understanding of the thousands of platformss available to help with demand generation.

In the same vein, the rigors of competing in a crowded world require a constant flow of fresh ideas. Your marketing team must find qualified prospects and deliver unique, engaging content to them at the time and place of their choosing.

Subsequently, we share here our experiences of 25 years in the B2B trenches. How to interview a B2B chief marketing officer. B2B marketing team building. And more.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.

Jim Collins

B2B Chief Marketing Officer Interview Questions for 2022

What a dramatic shift we’ve seen in the requirements for a B2B chief marketing officer..

  • Firstly, a shift from mostly creative to mostly technology driven
  • Secondly, the transition from large market segments to micro market segments
  • Thirdly, deep emphasis on inbound marketing, rather than outbound marketing

B2B chief marketing officer interview

Consequently, consider these critical questions to ask of candidates for B2B marketing positions. Includes recommended answers.

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Mike Harris

Mike enjoys writing about B2B sales and marketing people. The key is to avoid hiring mistakes.

Building a great B2B marketing organization


The 5 Roles of the CMO

At nearly every turn, marketing pursuits look vastly different in style, scope, and execution than they did just a few years ago.


Top 5 B2B Sales Interview Questions

When creating a list of sales interview questions, selecting the right ones can help identify desirable traits and capabilities.

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Why people are essential to B2B marketing success

Tune your marketing engine. Commitment to great people will help you win the race.



10 Critical Roles in Inbound Marketing

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The evolving role of the B2B Chief Marketing Officer

The role of a B2B chief marketing officer is becoming more and more precisely defined. Why? Because B2B marketing is all about explanation and ROI. B2B content is proliferating, yet becoming a necessity for demand generation. And the increasing complexity of B2B sales and marketing technology stipulates that your leader understand it, and use it effectively.

As a result of these and other changes, these are today’s challenges for a B2B CMO:

  • Sales and marketing technology is integrating rapidly. Consequently, this requires specific skillsets to marry your sales and marketing automation with revenue growth.
  • Bolt-on applications that add hundreds of important marketing functions are proliferating.? This imposes the need for your CMO to have technical skills and work closely with IT.
  • B2B content has proliferated. And a lot of it is bad. The B2B CMO must be a creative thinker who can constantly replenish the company’s marketing and sales content. Keeping it fresh, relevant and timely is a challenge.

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