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The wasted costs of a mishire can be staggering!

Estimated costs of mishires range from a low 30% of annual compensation (U.S. Department of Labor) to multiples of annual compensation when factoring in hidden costs.

With our marketing job interview questions and answers system and services you don’t need to be an expert in marketing to interview marketers like a pro.

DIY system is free.

25 Marketing Job Interview Questions & Answers

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Marketing interview questions and answers…what’s broken today?

The B2B marketing industry has done a disservice to tech and SaaS companies by offering up too many candidates who ‘over advertise’ themselves.

Our industry has lots of job candidates who:

  1. have not stayed current
  2. have little or no aptitude for technology
  3. do not have a strong work ethic

Another problem is that web searches yield tons of free, generic ‘marketing interview questions and answers’ with softball questions that anyone can hit over the fence.

Our guide helps you ask the hard questions and, most importantly, evaluate answers like a pro.

marketing interview questions and answers

Answers to Your Questions

How are you qualified?

20+ years as CMO at west coast tech and SaaS companies. I’ve interviewed more candidates for marketing jobs than I can count.

I am an expert at quickly discovering whether the candidate has the right skillsets, capabilities and attitude to get the job done on time and on budget.

How do unqualified candidates slip through?

No one asks them the hard questions!

Or, if they ask the hard questions, they don’t know enough about 2023 tech and SaaS marketing to understand the answers.

Unfortunately, the marketing industry is full of poseurs with rock solid resumes. The interviewer must have much more than a passing familiarity with marketing to quickly spot the phonies and otherwise unqualified candidates.

Why is your marketing interview questions and answers system different?

Using our researched blend of marketing interview questions and answers will reveal a candidate’s real strengths, weaknesses, work ethic, and attitude towards co-workers.

Our interview questions are structured in three tiers:

Tier 1: Can they do the job?

Tier 2: Will they do the job?

Tier 3: Will they fit in?

Each section of our system uses this blend of questions:

  • Relationship questions
  • Competency-based questions
  • Behavioural questions
  • Situational questions

What are the outcomes?

  • Identify qualified candidates quickly with no ambiguity
  • Weed out unqualified candidates in a phone call
  • Trusted, professional guidance from a real CMO
  • Lighten your workload with affordable, one-and-done solutions
  • No contracts or add-ons

Get the do-it-yourself marketing interview system for free, or hire us to interview for you!


Interview results for Sam H.

Date Interviewed:

Interview Method: Zoom


Bring Sam in for an in-person round of interviews. He is a consummate marketing professional and well suited for the VP Marketing role.


Sam’s recent 5 years of experience has been in the software industry focused on data analytics. Prior to that he was with Microsoft for 8 years, ending as a senior marketing manager for a well-known brand. All his recent job titles have been Director of Marketing. Sam wishes to leave his current position because it’s “not what I’d thought it would be”, referencing difficulties with company funding.


Sam is currently receiving a package that includes a base of $155,000, plus benefits and KPI-related bonus. He also received a sign-on bonus of $10,000 when he joined the company.

B2B Marketing Job Interview Questions & Answers

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