ProfileVIBE™ Executive

You are the story.

Want to expand your professional presence?

  • I want to get noticed more professionally
  • I'd love to showcase my expertise
  • I want to resonate better with my market
  • I have integrity, I am credible

Why executive branding strategies?

Forging and sharing your professional story is crucial for selling your solutions, networking, job interviews and promotions, and more.

Yet, you don’t have to go all Ernest Hemingway to create and share it.

Above all, your  executive branding strategy means:

    ✔︎ highlighting your successes

    ✔︎ showing how you do it

    ✔︎ talking the real you

    ✔︎ sharing passions & motivations

    We also offer company profiles and stories. Get a better deal when combining executive and company stories.

    Pricing Plans

    PROFILE STORY + Distribution

    Problems Solved

    Many people feel frozen about their executive branding strategies.

    these can be fixed

    • lack of presence
    • expertise not known
    • few followers
    • not enough engagement
    • quantity & quality of outreach
    • weak CTAs
    • lack of conversions

    What You Get

    ProfileVIBE™ is easy and affordable.

    You get...

    • answers to 'why connect with you'
    • your creds established with stories
    • fresh, on-time content
    • bespoke internet presence
    • meaningful engagement
    • more market reach...guaranteed
    • attract people you want
    • performance metrics

    How Delivered

    Working the way you want to work.

    what to expect...

    1️⃣ Together, we establish:

      • the outcomes you want
      • your budget and timing
      • measures of success
      • your expectations for working together

    2️⃣ 1st draft of your professional profile and story

      • you review, comment, change
      • no limit to edits or changes

    3️⃣ Your owned media plan created

      • your website and blog
      • social: LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever you want
      • monthly newsletter blueprint

    4️⃣ Posts and media distribution (monthly)

      • 10 posts created for your review
      • edits, changes, final approvals
      • distributed to social media, spaced apart
      • packaged for website and newsletter
    Why us?
    • Stellar client experience
    • Also responsive, always on
    • Customized & personal
    • Led by accredited CMO
    Mike Harris in Alaska showing off tiny fish just caught.
    No Contracts
    • Pay for performance is replacing traditional contracts.
    • My clients want freedom and flexibility.
    • Our work is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll accept no further payment.
    • Cancel any time, for any reason.

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