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 B2B Marketing ROI is a Must in 2022

“Marketing suffers from a crisis of credibility. Often, executives outside the marketing department perceive that marketing exists solely to support sales, or that it is an arts and crafts function that throws parties, churns out Tweets, and puts logos on pens. Either way, marketing often does not command the respect it deserves.”

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics, Marketo™


B2B Marketing ROI illustration

B2B marketing ROI is a must-have for any serious CMO.

At any decent sized company credible metrics are now required from the Chief Marketing Officer and his/her team.

Not the Same As Brand Marketing

Demand generation is different from brand marketing. It consists mainly of inbound and outbound campaigns which lead to conversions and sales conversations. With engaging content that encourages audiences to say “tell me more”, campaigns also include a next step such as clicking to go deeper, engaging in chat, or registering for events and notificatinos.

Please note that asking website visitors to fill out a form is rapidly going by the wayside. We must be smarter with our outreach and deliverables, or risk losing prospect engagement.

Corporate marketing includes brand building, print advertising, public relations and other activities. Their impact is important however results are more difficult to measure when it comes to conversions and sales conversations.

Tech CMO and B2B Marketing ROI

B2B Marketing ROI

Campaigns and tactics can be adjusted to yield far better results when measured. This has huge implications for budget and B2B marketing ROI.

A marketing automation platform is the fastest way to do this. Thousands are in the market today and there are MAPs available for every size of B2B company. MAPs can personalize emails, segment databases, automate lead nurturing and track sales throughout the funnel. Plus they can give you reliable metrics so you can plan and adjust going forward.

Many B2B marketing leaders report difficulty in measuring overall results. We believe it’s due to an overall lack of education and willingness to tackle it, not for any lack of numbers. Focus on small victories before moving to more difficult measurements like calculating content ROI. Since email is the number one lead generator, start there.

Marketo is one of the world’s leading enterprise marketing automation platforms. Their Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics is a wonderful guide to B2B marketing ROI, updated for 2022.

This paper is good reading for any B2B marketer, regardless of company size. It’s a bit lengthy so read it in chunks you can digest.

Use the button to view and download your copy. No fee or email required.

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The tech or SaaS sales conversation…fix it with simple sound bites

Tech or SaaS sales conversation planning – a few simple sound bites

The tech or SaaS sales conversation.

A SiriusDecisions study found that 82% of B2B decision makers felt that tech or SaaS salespeople were unprepared for the meeting.

Many salespeople, even the pros, spend too much time on slides and not nearly enough time planning the sales convo.

Inevitably the slides often focus on the tech or SaaS salesperson’s company and solution, which is the wrong information.

Remember, by the time you’re in a sales conversation the prospect has already gathered 70% of everything they want to know about your solution from the web.

Waste not one minute repeating the obvious.

Creating sales convo sound bites

If your offering is complex, like tech or SaaS, you can’t have too many sound bites. Get together with fellow sales people and marketers to create them. Write on a yellow pad or, better, put them into an organized sales playbook, preferably digital so your reps have instant access.

How do I fix the tech or SaaS sales conversation?

So how do we fix this? Create 60-second conversational sound bites that lead the prospect where you both want to go. Some simple conversation planning will go a long way to getting a prospect to commit to the next step, and then the next.

A simple framework that we use is based on the customer’s decision making process. We find that customers want answers to three big questions:

Why Change?

Why Now?

Why Us?


    • Why change?

    What is it about my current state that’s inadequate?

    Sound bite: “Lots of our clients have found themselves in that exact same situation. Their current state was too labor intensive and managed with spreadsheets (or whatever they were doing). What have you seen about our solution that makes you think we might be a good fit?”

    • Why now?

    What will it cost your company to delay fixing this?

    Sound bite: “In one case a client was spending _____ annually on that situation. With our solution they were able to cut their costs by 75% and show positive ROI in the first year. Let’s calculate an average monthly or annual cost of delay, based on an estimated cost of ______.”

    • Why us?

    Sound bite: “We’re having this conversation because you think enough of us, so far, to spend this time with me. What capabilities do you see that we bring to the table?”

    Create sound bites. Experiment with them. Watch your numbers go up.

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