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Your company has a great story.

  • My company story is important
  • Our story can resonate with our target market
  • But our value is not apparent to the casual observer
  • I want to use stories in our marketing

Why company stories?

It’s getting more and more challenging to differentiate these days.

You may not share their view, but plenty of B2B buyers view most solutions as commodities.

Still, most buyers will pay attention to what makes you different, if they notice a human touch.

    What’s not working?

    ✔︎ your history? not so much…

    ✔︎ leadership bios? meh…

    ✔︎ client logos? like everyone…

    ✔︎ speeds and feeds? worked in the ’90s…

    What makes you different?

    Your story activates buyers’ brains and causes something to happen.

    Will a buyer ever make a purchase decision based on your company story alone?

    Maybe not. But many buyers will think “tell me more” if something in your company story resonates well.

    This gets them into dialogue, the obligatory predecessor of all successful B2B sales.

    We also offer personal executive branding. Get a better deal for combining executive and company stories.


    Your company story is…

    A GPS

    that maps prospective buyers to your company’s “why us, why now?”.

    That meaningful narrative

    that causes something to happen.

    The hook

    by which a prospective buyer will place you on their ladder of experiences and preferences.

    A dependable loom

    that transforms mere threads into colorful tapestries that help people visualize.

    Our thinking is motivated by some of the greatest B2B company stories of our time.

    During our intake session, we will ask you:

    • what inspires your people?
    • why should I pay attention to you?
    • what are customers telling you?
    • what outcomes can you guarantee?
    • what were the pivots in your company history?
    • what’s quirky about your company?

    And that’s just the starter kit…

    getting started

    What’s the process?

    Client intake

    First, we spend quality time with you, and others you’d like to participate. You’ll get specific questions that help you think about your company from a new prospect’s point of view. We’ll also look at your competitors.

    Story creation

    Using our unique system, we create your company story. If your solution is complex, we’ll explain it in a way that resonates with all buyer personas. Your company story is created with a brilliant passion for differentiation and compelling CTAs.

    Client reviews

    You can review and make changes as much as you want. We don’t limit our clients’ ability to make things right.

    We want your sales team to be motivated by your company story and your passion for sharing it.

    Media distribution

    If included in your plan, we will create 10 unique posts per month. We never use the same post more than once. In addition, we will post them on up t0 10 social media platforms, for a total of 100 posts each month.

    That’s 100 posts every month with compelling CTAs. This works well for getting found, also for your SEO.

    Measure and adjust

    If included in your plan, we will monitor post performance. We’ll report these to you twice a month, and chat with you any time about adjusting the posts and/or social media plan.

    Pricing Plans

    Story + Distribution

    Problems Solved

    Why is it so hard for B2Bs to get noticed in 2023?

    the clutter

    • paid search cost high
    • most traditional business media is now pay-to-play
    • most solutions viewed as commodities, even if they're not
    • info overload
    • fragmented media landscape
    • lack of relevance & personalization
    • competition overload
    • ad-blocking & ad-blindness
    • people follow humans, not B2B companies or products
    • buyers reluctant to engage with sales

    What You Get

    ProfileVIBE™ is easy and affordable.

    you get...

    • focus on the human touch, as well as the solution
    • precise easy-to-understand solution stories
    • complex subject matter made simple
    • your solution(s) mapped to current trends
    • consistent, engaging internet presence
    • snackable content with no-risk CTAs
    • intriguing stories that attract great talent

    How Delivered

    We work the way you want.

    what to expect...

    1️⃣ Together, we establish:

      • the outcomes you want
      • your budget and timing
      • measures of success
      • your expectations for working together

    2️⃣ Your company profile and story drafted

      • you review, comment, change
      • no limit to edits or changes

    3️⃣ Your owned media plan created

      • your website and blog
      • social: LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever you want
      • monthly newsletter blueprint

    4️⃣ Posts and media distribution (monthly)

      • 10 posts created for your review
      • edits, changes, final approvals
      • well-timed social media distribution
      • packaged for website and newsletter
    Why us?
    • Stellar client experience
    • Also responsive, always on
    • Bespoke solutons
    • Led by accredited CMO
    Mike Harris in Alaska showing off tiny fish just caught.
    No Contracts
    • Pay for performance is replacing traditional contracts.
    • My clients want freedom and flexibility.
    • Our work is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll accept no further payment.
    • Cancel any time, for any reason.

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