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Why a CMO coach?

As your executive coach, I help build your strengths to increase your marketplace value.

Marketing careers are tough, and getting tougher.

In 2023, average CMO tenures have dropped to their lowest levels in a decade.

I can help you play your best game.

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Why Mike?

  • 20+ years as marketing chief in tech & SaaS
  • Top performer in global team building and management
  • Guest lecturer at top MBA schools
  • Well developed systems and methods
  • High level EQ


✔︎ Channel your strengths 💪

Add to your toolbox of strengths

Steadily reduce your weaknesses

Have confidence in your career navigation

Crush your current role, and prepare for the next step

✔︎ Meet your potential 🖐

Visualize your best career journey

Save time - turn years into months

Eliminate risk of burnout

Master your work life and career

Why CMOboost™?

As a CMO coach, here’s what I hear from tech and SaaS marketers:

  • Career stalled (or even halted)
  • Job competition is crazy
  • KPIs not reached
  • Next career steps not mapped well
  • How do I align with sales?
  • I feel burned out
  • Visibility impacted by WFH
  • I lack experience in [fill in blank]

Your college professors could not walk you through these experiences.

But I can.

Why do this?


At this time…the clock is ticking.

You are a high potential marketer. Do you have a roadmap for next steps in your career?

I started as a marketing assistant at a NYSE company. Advanced to CMO at a NASDAQ:NM tech company.

As your CMO coach, I get what makes you tick, and where you want to go.

Master your work and career.


Zoom in on what you need.

Executive presence

Deep strength in marketing and leadership

Self confidence

Managing expectations of others



You are a business athlete.

Athletes must motivate, regardless of circumstances.

A good CMO coach will boost your self-motivation, and positions you as a contender.

As a result, you get:

higher self awareness

stronger empathy

boost in cognition

better skillsets and capabilities

Just make up your mind and show up.

September 2023 Options & Pricing

CMO Coach I

Basic Boost

$235 per month

  • 2 hours* (total) Per Month
  • Basic Discovery
  • Personal Roadmap
  • Strategic Goal Setting
Vector drawing of a basketball hoop jump. Used to illustrate article about a CMO coach.

CMO Coach II

Big Boost

$375 per month

  • 5 hours* (total) Per Month
  • Advanced Discovery
  • Weekly Feed (articles culled for your needs)
  • Simply.Coach™ Coaching Platform
  • Progress Check-Ins
  • 10% Discount for Advance Quarterly Payments



    • Narrated video of your intake results (perfect for sharing and future reference)
    • 50% Discount on ProfileVIBE™ Executive

    CMO Coach III

    Best Boost

    $495 per month


    • 10 hours* (total) Per Month
    • 360° Feedback System
    • Completion Report
    • Feed Forward Digital Tool
    • Ideation on Daily Habits
    • 10% Discount for Advance Quarterly Payments



      • Narrated video of your intake results (perfect for sharing and future reference)
      • 50% Discount on ProfileVIBE™ Executive

      * You can allocate your hours to suit your needs. For example, if you purchase 2 hours a month you can have one 2-hour session,  two 1-hour sessions, or four 30-minute sessions. Or mix and match.


      “I skate to where the puck is going to be…”

      Wayne Gretsky, NHL

      Knowing what shots to take, and when to take them.

      Having confidence to take the shots.

      what are your best shots?

      • improve my critical thinking?
      • solve business problems faster?
      • change limiting behaviors and beliefs?
      • navigate corporate politics better?
      • know where I’m going and how I will get there?
      • having a tech CMO confidant and mentor?
      What tools do you use?

      I use multiple resources including an all-in-one coaching platform, Simply Coach. This is serves as a communications, scheduling and idea management platform. It is also a repository for all the resources I will share with you along the way.

      If you prefer, I can use your platform of choice. These might include Microsoft Teams, Trello, Basecamp or any of the others.


      How do we start?
      1. New client intake plus evaluation of where you are today.
      2. Description of current profile and benchmarketing against peers.
      3. Challenging of some current beliefs and methods.
      4. Customized guidance for current challenges.
      5. Supporting media from other experts in tech marketing careers.
      6. Fast responses via phone, text, email, coaching platform.

      Basic Boost: $250 per month

      Big Boost: $500 per month

      Best Boost: $850 per month

      August 2023 Pricing

      Can I pay with a card?

      We accept ACH, PayPal and debit/credit cards.

      Are there any guarantees?

      Of course!

      1. No contracts. Cancel any time.
      2. If you are unhappy with results, we’ll pause and catch up. If you prefer we’ll just stop and you will receive a pro-rated refund of your last payment.

      Free CMO Coach Resources

      B2B chief marketing officer interview

      Marketing Interview System

      System includes 25 challenging questions and answers you’ll want to hear, candidate scorecard, and write-ups of real life interviews. DIY version is free. I also offer candidate interview services.

      Young business woman pondering a question, used to illustrate a marketing audit for tech and SaaS.

      Mike's Blueprint for Offers

      Need a system for creating marketplace offers? Use mine.

      Free. Email required.

      Photo of old time reporter working at typewriter, used to illustrate article on personal branding for exeutives.

      Content Creation System

      Your easy system for creating terrific B2B content is available right here.

      Free. No email required.


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