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Building Executive Brand Image

Jun 28, 2023 | B2B Marketing

Building Executive Brand Image

by | Jun 28, 2023 | B2B Marketing

Here’s what I’m seeing in B2B marketing:

There’s a lot of talk on building executive brand image today. And for good reason.

I’ve been in the c-suite for decades, mostly in marketing.

Let’s look at the reasons why exeutive brand matters.

#1 – It’s getting much harder to differentiate

#2 – Most solutions seen as commodities

#3 – Lack of relevance & personalization in B2B

#4 – Ad-blocking & ad-blindness

#5 – People follow humans, not companies

Collage of business people, used to illustrate personal branding for executives.

Why build executive brand image?

You may not like their view, but plenty of B2B purchasers view most solutions as commodities at first glance.

Still, most buyers will pay attention to what makes you different, if they notice a human touch.

Think of executive branding as:

  • a GPS that maps prospective buyers to your company’s ‘why us, why now’
  • a meaningful narrative that causes something to happen
  • the hook by which an audience will place you on their ladder of experiences and preferences
  • a trusty loom that transforms mere threads into colorful tapestries that create visualizations

What’s not working?

😧 your history? not so much…

😧 leadership bios? meh…

😧 client logos…everyone has those

😧 speeds and feeds…worked in the ’90s

Building executive brand image is a touchy subject

Young man in shirt and tie, frozen in ice cube.

Many talented people feel frozen about executive branding strategies.

Yet they’re experiencing:

lack of market presence and acknowledgement

small fish in a big pond syndrome

not enough engagement with quality followers

missed opportunities in growth and career

Building executive brand image answers ‘why connect with you?’.

Also, it helps you resonate with your market. Remember, people buy from people they like.

Most executives have integrity and credibility, but those are not apparent to the casual observer. But in our new era of increasing distrust, your integrity and credibility can be a powerful motivator for others to engage.

Building an executive brand image is crucial for selling solutions and ideas, attracting talent, and moving up the ladder.

Opportunities abound

Ernest Hemingway writing at desk with pen and paper.

Yet, you don’t have to go all Ernest Hemingway to build an executive brand image.

Here’s the blueprint:

  1. Highlight your successes
  2. Show how you do it
  3. Talk the real yourself
  4. Share your passions and motivations

That’s all there is to it.

If you don’t have the time or skillsets, hire someone to help you. Make a decision about investing in building an executive brand, just like you invest in exercise for your health and wellbeing.

It’s what we do…

I offer multiple solutions for tech and SaaS executives stories and brand image.

Would love it if you checked them out!

Personal Branding for Executives

What about your company?

If you are in tech or SaaS, this is my wheelhouse. I’ve made it truly easy and affordable to get expert help.

I bill by the project, not by the hour. In this manner you know your investment at the very start.

Please feel free to contact me.


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